English Week

From May 24 to May 28, English Department of the senior section celebrated the English week in the Tibetan SOS Children’s Village Gopalpur. Students from class VII through XII have taken participation in the weeklong English programs.  Following events were organized and held during the English week:
May 24th 2016
Morning:  English quiz contest was conducted by class XI students during the morning assembly and the quiz masters posted questions on the following topics. There were two teams consisting of heterogeneous students from different classes.
1. Books and Author.
2. Vocabulary.
3. Great Personality.
4. Sport and music
5. Movies
6. Synonym and antonym.
Evening: At 7pm sharp students were gathered for an English movie show and the English Department arranged the movie called “Life is Beautiful.”The program was under the supervision of Mam Yangkyi la.
May 25th 2016
Morning: It’s the second day of English Week and there was an English story sharing session by the class XII students. They shared the plot and theme of a book called “The Tuesday with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. They shared the story in such a manner that captured students’ attention throughout the session and were successful in getting the students engaged in listening to the sharing.
Evening: An English Extempore contest was organized in which 16 students had participated. Each participant has to speak for two minutes. The extempore contest was won by master Tsethar of XI. He displayed distinguished skill of public speaking.  The program was managed and supervised by Madam Passang Tsamchoe la.
May 26th   2016:
Morning: Class VIII students performed Reader’s theater on the play called “Susu and the Magic Mirror.”  The play was well communicated through the medium of instruction and everyone seemed enjoying and learning something.
Evening:  Poetry and Drama competition was organized among the 11 students. Phentok of class 9 received the best poetry recitation award and from the dramatic extract, Mingur Paldon was adjudged the best dramatist of the night tiaras. The program was handled by Mrs. Lhakpa Bhuti la and Miss Yangchen la.
May 27th 2016
Morning: Students of class VII made presentation of poetry recitation during the morning assembly. They recited poems like “Chivy” and “I am tired.” Short skit of ‘character Supanti’ was dramatized as well.
May 28th 2016
Morning: Class X students entertained the staffs and students by singing various contemporary English songs. The songs presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.
Evening: Much awaited English singing competition was held and there were 15 students who sang various English songs of different genre. Thupten of class X, Ngawang of class IX and Pema Dhadon of class 11 were crowned as the best singers of the night. The program was initiated and handled by Mr. Karma Jigdel la.
May 30th 2016      
 Morning: On the last day of the weeklong English events, it was the turn of class IX students to do presentation. They gave detail accounts of different singers. The academic year 2016 had come up with many innovation educational programs being initiated by the English Department and programs had been proven to be an experiential learning for many students and students’ interest in English learning might get doubled up.