Thursday 24 August 2017

Staff Welfare Meeting

Staff Welfare Meeting was organised on Saturday 19th Aug 2017.
The Agenda for the meeting were
1. To discuss the improvement of class X and XII board results.
2. The Staff Quarter  allotment to be reviewed .
3. How  to counsel and tackle the problems of  substance abused in schools.
the meeting was done in section wise first and then it was held with the school M.C members on the very same day.

English Elocution Contest

On 22nd Aug 2017 Inter house open English Elocution Contest was held. House participants have presented their poetry recitation, speech and dramatic extracts from various literary sources.
Individual position holders from the above categories have been acknowledged and in this competition first  position was begged by Songtsen House, follwed by Trisong and Triral house as second position and third position was Nyatri house.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Gopur's Got Talent 2017

18th august 2017  The talent show has been organized by the school captain and prefect. It was anchored by prefect Karma Dorjee and Kalsang gyatso.
The show was really a creative work of the student that all the staff and student enjoyed to the fullest.

Then it was proceed by total of fifteen various skills performed by students which lasted for almost three hours ,the winner of the show were worth lifting the trophy and they were judge formally by the four  jury members.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

India’s 71st Independence Day

The India’s 71st  Independence Day was celebrated on August 15, 2017 evening with the presence of chief guest  Shri Bhupinder Singh (S.H.O) from the police department, Palampur and local Indian brothers and sisters. Prior to the start of patriotic Hindi song competition from students of VI through VIII,   and the winner is class 8 D. Students sang the national anthem of both the nation. The program was managed by Mr. Ram Chand who is our Hindi teacher in the school and presented a speech in which he mentioned how hard the Indians had fought for the achievement of freedom and independence of the country. After having made supreme sacrifices by many Indian individuals through national movements, India managed to get back its freedom from the colonial power. Jai Hind !!!!!

Bully Day

On 10/8/17 we had a mass awareness program on bully during morning assembly and the program continue for three days. We also had a same program with junior section as well. A part from morning assembly program we went for a peace march during break time with banners and posters. Counselor along with class X B student took a round of school campus. Lots of students also join our march and program seems to be effective. For three days we have conducted a random survey where student were ask randomly about the bully incident happened with them and also about types of bully they faced. Our survey result were consolidated and shared with concerned authority and even to students.
Moreover we also conducted inter class poster competition for both senior and junior classes, student come up with lots of interesting posters. Winners were given prizes.

Medium of creating awareness:
·         Poster competition
·         Presentation
·         Skit
·         Songs and dance
·         Peace march

·         Repartee 

Sunday 13 August 2017

PTA Meeting

At 10 am, parents from Mecleodganj and neighboring areas came to attend the PTA scheduled on August , 11th  2017. The opening address was made by the school Principal Mr.phuntsok tashi . The principal was gladden to see a huge number of parents presence in the PTA meeting and expressed his strong feeling of happiness and thanked them for having made to the meeting despite their tight schedule in daily chores. He pointed out the purpose of PTA meeting. Why the child is being sent to school and what support the child is needed from the parent and staff members in order to make the child go on the right track and don’t fall off the track. She also pointed out that TCV is trying the level best for the provision of food of nutrition. the village director  Mr. Kalsang phuntsok shared  the annual budget of the school and encouraged the parents in taking full responsibility  for educating  their children and importance of self reliant by recounting the speech Finally he thanked all the parents who have shown concern and given due importance to our PTA meeting and come here.

Wednesday 9 August 2017


T.C.V School Gopalpur will hold its Parent Teacher's Meeting on 11th Aug.2017 Friday. So, the student's guardians like parents and relatives must attend  the meeting.
Specially those who take their children's for Second Saturday are mandatory.
The meeting will be at 9 a.m in the School Hall. If the particular guardians are not able to attend then the child's second Saturday will be cancelled. Hope every one will take their responsibility in attending  the meeting.