Wednesday 17 October 2018

Mental Illness Counseling by Psychotherapist Mrs Jacquie.

"Mental illness is not a personal failure"

Awareness regarding mental illness is very important owing to growing complexity of life. We have in our school a week long 12 hours intensive workshop on mental illness counseling to some of our teachers by Psychotherapist Mrs Jacquie.

Saturday 13 October 2018

Junior section Science Day 13 Oct 2018

Friday 12 October 2018

World Mental Health Day, "Mental Health: we're in this together", 10 Oct 2018

On 10th of Oct, School Health Club organized an awareness program on “World Mental Health Day”.
The theme for this year is “Mental health: we’re in this together”.
Mrs Jaequie a Professional Psychotherapist gave a short talk to mark the occasion and she stressed on the need and importance of talking about it to prevent mental illness.

The 20th Inter House Athletics Meet(2018) Update:

The 20th Inter House Athletics Meet(2018) Update:
We take pride in updating the school inter house athletics meet held on Oct 6.
Under the crystal blue sky with the Sun lit in its festive mood, we felt honored to have presence of many distinguished guests to witness the school (founded on 23rd June 1997), which has twenty one years of legacy in terms of nurturing children by imparting sound education in achieving the set missions and visions.
By knowing the importance of giving priority to every child's physical and mental health fitness, the school had soon created a productive platform and reached a consensus to observe "The school Sports Day" every year. We have been celebrating the sports day or Inter House Athletics Meet since 1998.
We commemorated the 20th Inter House Athletics Meet last Saturday dated the 6th of October 2018.
We were indeed lucky to have one of our life time staunch friends and supporters Shri Shanta Kumar accompanied by his entourage as the day's chief guest. Shri Shanta Kumar was a former Chief Minister and former Union Minister in Government of India. And he is currently designated as a member of Lok Sabha.
We were also blessed to have Venerable Achrya Yeshi Phuntsok who is a deputy speaker of the 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile (CTA) as our guest of honor.
Our confidence in presenting the students' drills, sportsmanship and athletics skills escalated on hearing the acceptance of our invitations by TCV heads and the respective managements of neighboring schools enthusiastically despite their busy schedule.
Moreover, we felt happy to have influx of spectators including school's former students, outsiders, students' parents, relatives and many more to acknowledge and cherish the moment altogether.
The logo for this special occasion was the tri colored flags with Chakra at the center representing India and folded hands emblazoned onto it indicating Tibetan people; expressing their deepest gratitude to India, the country which has been providing political asylums and unwavering supports to the Tibetan refugees ever since the Chinese government occupation of Tibet (1959). Thank you India!
The day's celebration began with sincere greetings to the guests, supporters and viewers who have come all the way to be a part of this festive occasion.
The junior section students clad in the finest shirts, which collectively produced the outlook of amazing tri- colored flag. They sang a sentimental Hindi song "Ae Hind Tujh Ko Salam", which has flooded goose bumps on viewers'/listeners' skins.
Soon, the school's band troupe led the batch-wise March pass in an organized manner with salute to the guests in different styles. On completion of the drills, everybody stood to sing the Tibetan and the India national anthems followed by valuable speech delivery from eloquent speakers.
The actual event began with inter house hurdle race followed by numerous fields among all divisions. All the athletes did everything to the best of their abilities in fulfilling the oath sworn by the school captains earlier. The ground surrounded by comfy tents pitched for each house athletes and the remaining students. The later enjoyed cheering their house representatives up in their high-pitched tone. Some even kept fluttering the house flags, which depicted the sense of belonging and unity.
After having well garnished lunch in school hall, everybody got back to their places to view the last yet most awaited inter house relay race, Medley race and invitational relay race among athletes from various schools. The event became even more exquisite with an active participation from our former students.
To talk a bit on the house wise result, Trisong House has obtained the highest scores and thus won the over all championship trophy followed by Songtsen House, Nyatri House and Triral House.
On and all, everything went merrily and successfully without any acrimony. The entire credit goes to all the human resources we availed specially the athletes and the respective house masters who have worked tirelessly under the guidance of games committee head and the physical education instructors.
Photo Courtesy: Multimedia Club