10th October all over the world is observed as World Mental Health Day and to mark the day , school Health Club initiated an awareness drive for four day for one hour every evening where lots discussion were revolved round mental health, its causes, danger sign, how to handle and we help student create their safety network. This year our target group is class VIII girls only. Program is packed with enrich information, fun activities and zumba dance. We would like to thank PRM and Department of health CTA for their support.

Covid-19 Awareness programme to all students

 A monthly Covid-19 Awareness programme was initiated in our school from 7th September- 14th September to each classes (Class I to XII) respectively. The programme aimed at creating awareness about the nature of the disease itself, its symptoms, and the precautions to be taken to stop the spread of this virus.

Covid Awareness Posters Pasting in School Campus

 Covid Awareness Posters were pasted all over the campus by School Covid Task Force group “Poster Making Group” to create mass awareness.

Poster Making Competition about Covid

 TCV School Gopalpur organized a poster competition on September 10, 2021 to spread awareness about COVID 19 among the mass in Sherab Woenang hall. Around 130 students from class VI-XII showed up at the event and actively participated in the competition. The theme for class 6th to 8th was ‘DO’S AND DON’T DURING THE PANDEMIC’ and class 9TH to 12TH was ‘HOW TO CONTAIN YOURSELF FROM COVID 19‘ respectively.

Health Talk by Health Department, CTA

On 7th Sept, Tibetan Central Administration, Health Department organized a one day Health workshop for students.



 Dated 3rd Sept, School Covid Task Force sanitization team while performing their monthly sanitization procedure.