Monday 20 March 2017

School Spring Fete 2017

This year the spring fete of the school is organized on March19, 2017. The games and sports committee has initiated the fete.  The whole school is divided into four houses and the staff members of the school are engaged in different activities as per work distribution done by the respective house masters. The very purpose of holding such event is to raise school fund for making purchases of sporting and cultural items needed for the school for 2017-18 academic session. On the evening of March 19, a game of tombola has also been organized in the school auditorium for the senior students.
One of the attractions of the fete is arrangement of Micky Mouse and a giant roller for younger kids.

Monday 13 March 2017

Tibetan National Uprising Day

On the 58th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day, the 10th March, the four sections of class XII students accompanied by the class teachers went to Tsuklha-khang to attend the official function organized by Central Tibetan Administration. The school arranged four buses for ongoing journey to Dharamsala and students had to bear the expenses of the return journey by themselves. Our students not just attended the official function, but had also taken active participation in the programs initiated by CTA and non-governmental organizations. Students’ spirits were running high and shouted out their slogans for the genuine cause of Tibet and Tibetans. It was the day for every Tibetan to rise against the Chinese brutal policies being implemented on Tibetans inside Tibet and pay respect to the Tibetan martyrs who made supreme sacrifices in the recent days.

School Opening Ceremony

School opening ceremony began at 10 a.m. here  also we were fortunate to have  Geshe  Dorjee Damdula as our chief  guest. he reminded  the children  and staff  that  they  are important  member
of Tibetan society  and His H. the Dalai Lama always  request  the sponsors aboard to help the needy.
Even though he himself is an eminent  figure in this world . The  sponsors who help are also once who really show gratitude to  his holiness and are not  so rich . So  he request the students  to study hard and follow  the advice of elders and be a good human being.


on 6th march, the staff of T.C.V school had the 1st session of orientation where the school  respective heads have given energetic speeches. then in the evening at 7p.m  T.C.V Gopalpur school  had the grace of Geshe Dorjee Damdul  who gave us the talk on universal Ethics and how to deal with youngsters of the Tibetan children.