Thursday 18 June 2015

English Days’ celebration: 25 – 26 th May 2015

Prior to the limitation of time, English week was celebrated in just two days with Poetry, Speech and Drama presentation in the morning. And in the evening a movie was being shown namely “Unbroken” . On the second day a musical concert was being hosted wherein almost thirty students from class VII – XII participated to showcase their talent in singing English songs.

Poetry Recitation By Phakay Danglang

Members of volunteer club (Phakay Danglang) for preserving Tibetan language have organized individual poetry recitation competition on June 13 in connection with a Tribute being paid to the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on His 80th birth anniversary and for His tremendous contribution for the genuine cause of Tibet in particular and World Peace at large in general. The guest of honor for the competition was Rev. Kirti Rinpoche accompanied by eminent Tibetan writers in Tibetan community in exile. The essence of holding such competition in our school is to let our students know about the richness of poetries in our heritage. Prior to the contest, Master Lobsang Dawa, introduced the judges and another ex-member of Phakay Danglang master Drugthar gave a brief introduction on aims and objectives of founding of Phakay Danglang in TCV School Gopalpur. Thereafter, some members gave an exemplary poetry recitation and then the actual individual poetry recitation competition got kicked off. The first position was taken by Miss Dakar Tso of VIII C, second position was bagged by Tsetan Wangchuk class X D and followed by Master Lungrig of XII C in the third position. The winners were given away prizes by the guest of honor. Thereafter, the chief guest addressed the audience and the guest of honor was happy to see that younger generation is taking the responsibility of preserving our culture and language. Furthermore he said that younger generation is held responsible for the continued existence of Tibetan rich cultural heritage. So everyone is urged to pay attention to our culture and language and make optimum use of our language without getting mixed up with international languages wherever you are. Rinpoche has kindly made a cash donation of INR 15000/ toward the Phakay Danglang for their good job. The club members had held session of brain storming with a group of students in the afternoon. There was poetry recitation and presentation of Tibetan songs by ex-students in the evening as well.

Saka Dawa

The fourth month of the Tibetan calendar is called “Saka Dawa”. ‘Saka’ is the name of one of the 28 major stars tracked in Tibetan astrology. ‘Dawa’ means ‘month’ in Tibetan. Saka Dawa is probably one of the most influential and holiest months for Tibetans. Saka Dawa is the special month in which the Buddha’s conception, birth, enlightenment and parinirvana (Death) all occur. The 15th day of the fourth month of Tibetan calendar marks the holiest day in Tibetan Buddhism. On this day, Tibetans consider and believe to perform meritorious activities. The devotees lit lamps, candles and incense sticks before a huge statue of Lord Buddha. They (Buddhists) do pious deeds and distribute food and give alms to beggars. People are also seen donating money as it is believed that good deeds earned in this month are rewarded 100,000/ folds. Tibetans in family perform varied rituals such as reading of religious scriptures, keeping fast, doing meditation and avoidance of speaking for 24 hrs to anyone etc. Buddhists in general and Tibetans in particular prefer to go for vegetarianism rather than non-vegetarianism for the whole month. During the ‘Saka Dawa’ month, the cultural committee of the school organized two day ‘Kagyur Reading’, the teaching of Lord Buddha in textual form. Students from VII through XII along with staff members sat for reading of holy scripts from June 11 to June 12.

CBSE Class XII Result

Tibetan Children’s Village Gopalpur is proud to present you that one hundred fifty nine students (159) have appeared in All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (AISSCE) 2015. This is one of the standardized tests which serve as a parameter to measure the standard of a school. The result of the CBSE was declared on May 25, and our students and staff members knew no bound of joy when we came to realize that the school result was cent percent once again. This is the sixth consecutive year that our school has been 100% in the board exam. Of 159 students; 77 students were in distinction, 79 were in the first division and 3 students had come in the second division plus there were no students in the third division. All 159 students made us proud by bringing laurels to the school with flying color result. A new record has been set in the individual result and the average percentage of the school has jumped from 72.8% to 74.9% this year. Master Lobsang Nyima who has been school captain has set a new record of individual highest score of 91.4% in the board exam. Congratulations to all students and staff members.

The First Inter-House English Extempore Debate

The first inter-house English Debate was organized by the English Department and was held on the evening of May 19, 2015. The very essence of holding and organizing such literary event in the school is to bring improvement in communication skill and remove the stage fear and have them practice in the art of speaking. Each house was to speak on different subject matters/topics taken from the draw of lot on the spot. They are given 3 minutes to think over the topic and leave at the participants’ discretion whether to speak for or against the motion. The topics that emerged from the draw of lot are: ‘Is internet a safe heaven for kids, The prime motive of school is to prepare our children to become a good citizen than a successful individual, When should teenager start taking in decision, and Is it that difficult to preserve our culture in the exile state’ All the participants spoke well on their topics, defending the motion. The best debater in the first round for the year 2015 was bagged by Miss. Tenzin Norzom of XII B, followed by Miss. Migmar Dickyi of XI B, and Master Tenzin Lobsang of XII B was in third positive respectively. The house-wise standing are as follow; in the first place we have Trisong, second position was bagged by Triral, Nyatri was on third row and Songsten was in the last place. The school director Gen. Tsultrim la honored the winning team and gave away the team and individual prizes. Our perception of students’ English speaking is, over the years students are becoming more outgoing in the art of English speaking, they were less hesitant while speaking. There is paradigm shift in the English speaking amongst the students and speaking in English has become a sort of trend in our TCV School Gopalpur which is encouraging and inspirational for other non English speakers.

The first Inter-house Tibetan Debate

The first inter-house Tibetan Debate was held on the evening of April 28, 2015. This year the Tibetan Debate was held on the topics drawn from the draw of lot and the participants were to speak on extempore basis by grasping the ideas contained in the topic. The participants were left at their discretion whether to stand for or against the motion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Each house has to send three participants, one defining and making clarification of the topic, second speaker has to speak on the main theme and the third speaker has to wind up the topic. Each house is given time to ponder after the draw of lot of topics. The topics are;
༡༽ བཟང་སྤྱོད་ལས་ཤེས་ཡོན་གལ་ཆེ།
༢༽ དཔལ་འབྱོར་ལས་བཟང་སྤྱོད་གལ་ཆེ།
༣༽ སློབ་གྲྭའི་ནང་དུ་ནང་ལས་མེད་པ་བཟོ་དགོས།
༤༽ དེང་དུ་ཤེས་ཡོན་མེད་ན་མི་འདུད་འགྲོ་རེད།
The house-wise standing is as follow;
Triral house was adjudged as the first in position followed by Nyatri, Songsten and Trisong houses respectively. The individual best Tibetan debater for the academic session 2015 went to
Master Tsepak Lhagyal of XII B.