International Day against Illicit Drugs and Trafficking

International Day against illicit drugs and trafficking is being observed all over the world on June 26, but in our school the day is observed on June 25 as June 26 being Sunday, it is holiday. This year’s theme is “LISTEN ALWAYS”. To mark the day, the students of Health Club organize various programs at local level to bring awareness on campus. The following is the highlight of the program held on June 25:
S/No Program Timing
1 Skit Show by class X D students During the morning assembly
2 Self composed group song by class X D Morning Assembly
3 Talk by school Principal
4 Prize Distribution For drawing and essay completion winners
5 Solo Song Morning Assembly
6 Health Club members’ March Past around school campus with slogan During long break
7 Interactive session with former drugs addict from “Kunphen” After lunch session
8 Friendly football match between students and staff members Evening 

A part from the program above, the health club members pasted posters around the school campus, on the wall, on trees, and distributed stickers randomly. Students took great interest in all the activities and especially during break. Students from Junior Section had also accompanied the health club march past during the recess and it is a great positive move from the students end.  In nut shell, international day against illicit drug and trafficking was a grand success.