Friday 24 June 2016

2016 House Wise CULTURAL Competation

In the history of Tibetan Children’s Village School Gopalpur, the inter-house opera competition among the four houses was being organized for the third time by the Games and Sports Committee chaired by Mr. Molam who is also the headmaster of the senior section. The opera practice among the houses had started from May 1, but we had to discontinue the practice session because from June 1 to June 10 the school will remain closed for summer vacation. We resumed our opera practice session after the summer break and continued till June 19, thereafter we set June 20 & 21 for rehearsal shows and June 22 was left open for hall preparation for the said competition to be held on June 23. This time the housemasters and students did face some problem as we didn’t get mentors on time coming from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA). Anyhow in the last four days it was made possible to have a mentor for each house with our sincere requisition made to TIPA Director. With their gracious extended support, our students got chance to get to perfection in dancing and “Namthar”and dramatization of Tibetan Yogi Milarepa.  The life history of Milarepa was divided into four parts and each part was given to each house for performance through draw of lot.
To give you a brief account of Jetsun Milarepa, the great Tibetan yogi, he was born to father Mila Sherab Gyaltsen and mother Nangsa Kargyen in a village called Kya Ngatsa in Gungthang. His father on business trip when received the news of birth of male child from his wife, overjoyed and named the child as Thoepa Ga, meaning “Pleased to hear the news”. After the death of father Mila Sherab Gyaltsen, Thoepa Ga’s family had to undergo tremendous problems caused by aunt and uncle. Mother Nangsa Kargyen out of desperation had to send her son Thoepa Ga to learn black magic to take revenge with the aunt and uncle. Thoepa Ga had successfully completed his black magic studies and was successful in taking revenge with aunt and uncle as his mother wished for.
But having accumulated huge sins, he regretted at his action and resolved to go for receiving tantric teachings from Master Marpa Lotsawa for the attainment of enlightenment. Having met master Marpa, when Thoepa requested for his teachings, Marpa refused because he wanted to test Thoepa Ga’s perseverance and tolerance before Thoepa Ga was given initiations and teachings.  Marpa made him work for years before Thoepa Ga was admitted as his student. Master Marpa wanted Thoepa Ga to get purified all his sins before Thoepa Ga was ordained as monk. Atlast, Master Marpa gave all teachings and initiations of all the profound doctrines of Buddhism that one needs for achieving enlightenment.
The guest of honor for the inter-house opera competition was the Kalon for Department of Education – CTA Mr. Yutok Karma Gelek. The honorable guest gave the prizes to the winning house and laid emphasis on preservation of our rich heritage in his speech to the students after the program. He also likened the way TCV Gopalpur has been striving for maintaining our culture in tact through providing cultural education to the students and advised to keep the trend for the upcoming Tibetan generation to retain our identity. Furthermore, the chief guest urged everyone to take interest and learn our language because he says language is the back bone of one’s nation..

International Day against Illicit Drugs and Trafficking

International Day against illicit drugs and trafficking is being observed all over the world on June 26, but in our school the day is observed on June 25 as June 26 being Sunday, it is holiday. This year’s theme is “LISTEN ALWAYS”. To mark the day, the students of Health Club organize various programs at local level to bring awareness on campus. The following is the highlight of the program held on June 25:
S/No Program Timing
1 Skit Show by class X D students During the morning assembly
2 Self composed group song by class X D Morning Assembly
3 Talk by school Principal
4 Prize Distribution For drawing and essay completion winners
5 Solo Song Morning Assembly
6 Health Club members’ March Past around school campus with slogan During long break
7 Interactive session with former drugs addict from “Kunphen” After lunch session
8 Friendly football match between students and staff members Evening 

A part from the program above, the health club members pasted posters around the school campus, on the wall, on trees, and distributed stickers randomly. Students took great interest in all the activities and especially during break. Students from Junior Section had also accompanied the health club march past during the recess and it is a great positive move from the students end.  In nut shell, international day against illicit drug and trafficking was a grand success.