On World Health Day, the school health department organized a morning assembly program to raise awareness. Highlighting the importance of wellness, winners of a poster competition were honored for their creative contributions, inspiring the school community to prioritize health through artistic expression. Congratulations to all the talented winners!


 On 28th and 29th of March, the long life prayer for Kyabje Khamdrul Rinpoche was held in Dorzong Monastery. During this occasion our students and staff offered cultural presentation.


World Health Day was organized on April 7th. On this day, the Department of Health CTA organized the Open Marathon, with 138 boys and 70 girls participating. The route covered 6.6 km for girls and 8.6 km for boys, stretching from the Dalai Lama Temple to Upper TCV.

Our school also participated in this event. In the boys' category, Master Jigme Phuntsok of 9D secured the 1st position. In the girls' category, Miss Tenzin Norzin of 8D claimed the 3rd place, followed by Miss Tashi Palzom of 8D and Tenzin Kusang of 8B.


On 4th April 1905 Kangra valley was struck by an extreme earthquake of 7.8 magnitude and it was the first of several devastating earthquakes to occur in northern India in the 20th century. The earthquake killed over 20,000 people and destroyed around 100,000 buildings in the valley. To prevent from such disasters and as per direction of Geo hazard all the educational institutions performs a disaster management drill every year to spread
awareness about ways to tackle injuries and face minimum casualties. So today on the same date of 4th April our school successfully performed the drill and the main initiaters of this drill are both of our Geography subject teachers.


 Future Sense Team from England visited our school from 26th to 30th March.

They conducted a four-day workshop for our talented class 5 and 6 students, dividing them into three groups. The primary objective was to nurture the diverse talents of our students, offering guidance in painting, photography, and more. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team for selecting our school and empowering our students