Thursday 31 March 2016

Holiday Guarantee Form

This  is  the form for  children’s parents to take their child for night out holidays.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Medical checkup class wise 2016

student are ready  to  medical checkup of class wise 2016

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Outgoing Student's Talk

outgoing students talking about the importance of "Reading " for one's " development.

Cleebrating World TB Day

Just one disease is responsible for the deaths of 1.4 million people every year. The World Health Organization estimates that every year TB newly infects 8.6 million people and claims 1.3 million lives globally. TB disproportionately affects the poor as things like crowded living conditions, poor ventilation and under nutrition all make an individual more likely to develop TB.
The World TB Day was marked in TCV School Gopalpur under the initiation of Department of Health and Delek Hospital, CTA on March 24. This year’s TB day theme “UNITE TO END TB” as designated by WHO, emphasizes the need for global effort to reach TB infected people who currently don’t have access to TB treatment and care. TB day events organized by Department of Health and Delek Hospital through its various health centers aimed  mobilize and encourage the TB patients to come forward to avail the subsidized and free TB services provided by the Department of Health and Delek Hospital, CTA. Unlike two of the world’s other top infectious diseases killers – malaria and HIV/AIDS – TB is often overlooked and everyone fails to respond to TB with a sense of urgency.
Dr. Tsundue from Delek Hospital speaking on this occasion explained the various TB related preventive and treatment incentives provided to the Tibetans by the TB Control Program of the Department of Health, CTA through its network health centres and hospital. He also stressed the need for greater awareness about the disease especially among the Tibetan younger kids aged group 15-18 studying in various schools and colleges along with members of the monastic community. He congratulated TCV School Gopalpur for having the least number of TB patients among the Tibetan Schools in exile as per statistics and survey and further urged to make an attempt to make to zero patients.
This is unacceptable, particularly when this suffering is associated with a disease that is both treatable and curable.
The school principal thanked the Department of Health and Delek Hospital for organizing such program. He further extended thanks to the doctors from the Delek Hospital who made it to TCV School Gopalpur and brought awareness on TB to our students and staff members.

Mothly School Area Cleaning by Senior Secion's Students

monthly school area cleaning by senior section's students on 26th march.

Monday 28 March 2016

Two days computer workshop at upper tcv school was given by Mr. frank .

On 23rd  and 24th March 2 day workshop by Mr.Frank . School computer instructor and database in charge of  tcv  school , attend 2 days computer workshop at upper tcv school was given by Mr. frank .
 maintenance to  computer.

School Spring Fete 2017

This year the spring fete of the school is organized on March19, 2017. The games and sports committee has initiated the fete.  The whole school is divided into four houses and the staff members of the school are engaged in different activities as per work distribution done by the respective house masters. The very purpose of holding such event is to raise school fund for making purchases of sporting and cultural items needed for the school for 2017-18 academic session. On the evening of March 19, a game of tombola has also been organized in the school auditorium for the senior students.
One of the attractions of the fete is arrangement of Micky Mouse and a giant roller for younger kids.

This is the time of the year where the Games and Sports Committee of the School has good opportunity to raise fund through organizing spring fete in the school. This year’s spring fete was organized on March 22, 2015, Sunday with an intention of making fund, hoping visitation of parents and relatives of children on Sunday. Prior to holding of the fete, the aforementioned committee members deliberated through a couple of meetings under the chairmanship of games/sports committee. Work distribution was done among the four houses for the upcoming spring fete in the meetings.
The Spring Fete was inaugurated by the school Principal at 9 A.M. sharp. One of the attractions of this year’s spring fete was introduction of Mickey Mouse for our younger kids who enjoyed a lot. Huge number of parents, relatives, locals participated in the fete in addition to our students. This year the Games/Sports Committee had seen a huge surge in their income from the Spring Fete. - See more at:

Monday 7 March 2016

Orientation Day Two (1st March 2015)

The orientation day two for the staff members was held at the same venue (Green Hostel). The guest of honor for the day was Geshe Lhakdor, the Director of Tibetan Library and Archives, CTA Dharamshala.  Some of the important pointers from the chief guest speech are driven here for implementation and execution in our day to day work. Geshe said that everything depends on your thinking and asked us to develop the skills of doing analysis and critical thinking. He was gladdened to learn that focal point for the academic year 2016 is on imparting value education which is need of the hour in the contemporary world to our upcoming generation. Furthermore, His Holiness has been asking time and again regarding the teaching of compassion and love in our schools. Geshe lak cited examples of speeches of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about the importance of mutual respect and breaking down of barriers. They might have been influenced by His Holiness if he isn’t wrong.

Lastly he said a few lines on the corporal punishment against students. Now a day it is considered illegal to resort to corporal punishment and also goes against the child’s rights. Try to find ways and other alternatives in dealing with students’ behavioral problems. Everyone is further urged to spend 5 – 10 minutes in the morning either to pray or read a few lines from His Holiness books or listen to speeches of His Holiness and make up your mind that you will use the day judiciously and in a fruitful manner for the well-being of my students and co-workers. With that he wished us good luck and successful academic years ahead.
Second session of day two orientation program was taken by the school Principal in making clarification on school discipline. He was of the view and had also seen variation in the execution of school discipline. He gave minute details of school discipline and every staff is held responsible toward maintaining good school discipline. The Principal also clarified on UFM used and its consequences.
Afternoon session there were meetings of health committee, advisory committee, class VI & VII teachers, and the remaining staffs have had discussion on life skill programs in their respective departments. 

Orientation Day One (28th February, 2016)

On 28th February 2016, all the staff members of TCV School Gopalpur got assembled at Green Hostel for Day One Orientation Program, initiated by the school management committee to get mentally readied and prepared for the new academic session. The guest of honor for the occasion was Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal, the Data Administrator – TCV Head Office, who was the founding father of Tibetan Children’s Village School – Gopalpur in 1996. One of the reasons of inviting Mr. Namgyal is, he being veteran, having vast experiences, knowledgeable and well-versed in the working of TCV Schools, could be a good source of inspiration for our young and energetic staff members. We listened to his life history filled with dedication and commitment since the inception of Tibetan Children’s Village. He shared his working experiences, challenges and difficulties that he came across and overcoming of those challenges with sincerity, honesty and commitment toward the works that had been assigned to him by Tibetan Children’s Village. In the infancy stage of TCV Gopalpur’s growth and development, there were numerous problems including basic requirement such as non-availability of proper housing facilities for the growing number of children coming from different regions of Tibet. We feel blessed by his talk and many of us got inspired by his lifelong services to TCV Schools in varied capacities.  Staff members were apprised of TCV Gopalpur’s status and image in terms of academic excellence and asked them to be proud of having been a part of this great reputed institution.
The Second session of Day One Orientation Program was taken by the school Director and Principal. The Director apprised the staff members regarding the important resolutions passed in the Management Development Committee Meeting (MDCM) held at Youth Hostel – Delhi. He also informed the staff members regarding the Employees Provident Fund.
Thereafter, the Principal continued with the minutes and resolutions of EDC Meeting held in 2015 at TCV School Bylakupee from November 2-6.  Minute details of resolutions of Education Development Committee Meeting were informed to the staff members. Every staff is urged to shoulder the responsibility with zest and full commitment in the coming academic months and work towards holistic development of our children.
Day One afternoon session was held in the respective sections and the section heads chaired the meeting. The teaching and supporting staffs were urged to uphold the responsibility in functioning the school smoothly for the academic session 2016 with commitment and resolutions. The headmasters made distribution of periods and related stationary things and requested the staff members to get the work done on time.

School Opening Ceremony March 1st, 2016)

The opening ceremony of the school got clashed with the class XII CBSE Board Exam. The school opening ceremony was held in the afternoon at 3 pm in the school auditorium with the guest of honor Mr. Tsering Samdup, the Education Officer from Department of Education – CTA Dharamsala.
 The function started with welcome speech from the school Principal Mr. Phuntsok Tashi. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the target percentage holders, cleanliness award, subject toppers and toppers of the senior section in the year 2015.

In the inaugural speech of the chief guest, he said that he was happy to be here in TCV School Gopalpur.  He was gladdened to see a lot of students taking academic prizes which is an indicator of a good school. He asked student to feel proud to be students of this school. The TCV Gopalpur is rated as one of the top schools in the exile community and has a good image and everyone wants to be here. He encouraged those students who could not get prizes, should strive for in the coming academic session and thanked the staff members for their wonderful work and asked them to continue with the same spirit.

Parents’ Day

All the students and staff members have assembled in the school hall to celebrate ‘Gyalyum Chemo’s birth day’ as Parents’ Day in our school on March 5, at 9.30 am. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Wangdue – The Director of Tibetan Children’s Village School – Dharamsala. The program got started with school song followed by reading of statement on parents’ day from the Department of Education by the principal. Thereafter the chief guest honored the students of junior section with academic and other prizes. He gave talk on importance of parents in one’s life and asked the students to feel the gratitude of your parents for their unconditional love and care and unwavering support throughout your life.