Our life wears on with a normal lifestyle and a repeated schedule to follow on every day. Well, something the majority of the world population was supposed to live and had lived.
As a typical Tibetan student, our fate and time didn’t compel us to face the situation that any other refugee students at the other end of the world might be going through. Yet the undercover reality is that seldom of us are being oblivion enough to pay our homage and remember our iconic leader, the global peacemaker who has been making manual efforts to roll the wheel of our so called ‘normal life’ , HH the Dalai Lama.
It was in this remote region of the world, Amdo in Tibet that the soul of peace was brought about. And start of the unpredicted mission of global peace presided over. By the disguise evil invasion of Tibet by Chinese army, he set out with a parental care towards his people with a longing to live in his own homeland. But when fate pushes the other way round, he moved along with thousands for the better of whole. He set out to resolve the cause of Tibet, did the undone things, thought the unthought ones and ignited minds and souls with a compassionate smile amidst the roar of grief, keeping the determination high made what the world is, today and forever.
His Holiness, you made the mark in history and developed the spirituality of this 21st century. You truly are a simple monk in purple robes and glasses well fit above your nose and then you do the magic of spreading inner euphoria throughout the world. Your acts are too gentle that very often make us think that the invasion of Tibet in a way could be for the good of many other countries of earth. It might well be the lord’s plan to expose you to the unawakened souls.
You have brought about kindness, compassion. Let the fact reveal this as a century of technological development but I suggest there are transformation in the lives of people and more than any kind of technological development or modernization. I feel the concepts of universal responsibility and many more, humanity is protruding out to a great extent. The world is in its form, calm and well composed, only with your presence. Not just a life but we owe the whole era to you.
With you alive, this planet is also breathing peace because you are bringing the oasis of universe …you are lot of things but what matters is what you are not.
And if the year 2014 is observed as a year of tribute, I confess that it’s not just a year of 365 days rather imbibed with all the 79 years journey of your life.
I pay my sincere homage to the man of a kind and wish to mention that every existence is indebted to you.
Because all in all, you the candle of the dark world.
Tenzin Norzom XI B