The Dalai Lama The Story That Always Touches My Heart’

Lhamo Dhondup, two year old boy from Taktser was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama. He enrolled to monastic education at the tender age of six. Since then he became the hope and promise of the future Tibet, yet the impending tragedies and heart rending news  awaits him.
At the age of sixteen, he had to take the political and spiritual responsibility of an entire nation on account of advancing people’s liberation army in Tibetan area. There were prevalence of atrocities, houses were looted and razed to the ground and Tibetans were being killed with advancing Chinese. Despite, his young age, he managed to curb further escalation of violence in Tibet. He sent his delegates to Beijing to resolve the Tibet’s issue but in vain. Sadly, Beijing forced Tibetan delegates to sign the most unpopular ’17 point agreement’ without the prior knowledge and consent of His Holiness, who was the supreme ruler of Tibet then. The 17 point agreement asserted Beijing’s legitimacy to rule Tibet and arbitrarily made Tibet a part of china.
But still, His Holiness tried to work in accordance with the 17 point agreement which promised peace and stability in Tibet in order to save Tibetans from the notorious Chinese armies. But there were no sign of improvement in Tibet. However, violence escalated day by day in many parts of the country and Chinese brutally crackdown the popular mass uprising at the capital Lhasa in 1959.
Finally, there were rumors of Chinese plot of assassinate His Holiness on the night of March 9, 1959. His Holiness disguised himself as a layman, escaped to India along with thousands of his countrymen.
When he arrived in India, he gave first priority to the construction of schools for young Tibetans who came to India. He knew that Today’s children are the leaders of Tomorrow. Schools and Tibetan children in exile were nurtured under his utmost care. He established Tibetan government in exile and advocated democratic form of govt. where there are representations from commoners. Since then, the Tibetan exile government came into being and now functioning smoothly under his guidance.
He also advocated non-violence and middle way approach to resolve the Tibetan issue. He constantly reiterated that Tibet is not seeking independence of separation from mainland china and we are willing for genuine autonomy for the whole region of Tibet. With his liberal and realistic advocacy, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; he continues to work for the well being of people of the world.
In 2011, there was major change in Tibetan political system; he entirely devolved his political responsibility to a democratically elected leader with a vision that Tibetan issue should sustain and remain even after his life. Not only politically He was popular and remarkable but also spiritually he is one of the worlds’ most sought masters of our time. He gives inspiring and beneficial talks on various topics including compassion, happiness and secular ethics. He worked hard to promote religious harmony in the world. He received many honorary degrees, titles and prestigious awards in recognition for his unwavering beliefs in non-violence and religious harmony.
This is the story of my leader which always touches my heart deeply. It always makes mew fee that I am grateful and thankful to His Holiness. His works and achievements are beyond my expression. I am writing his story as a symbolic reminder of his kindness towards not only to the Tibetans but to the whole sentient beings. More than 60 years of life, beginning from the age of sixteen, he took great care of his country and countrymen. He is the rarest of rare and the most valued and precious jewel on this earth.
Sonam Norbu XII C