What Is A Soul To A Man Is What His Holiness To Us

With a quote, ‘if you speak, it will only be heard in the corridor and down stairs for few seconds, but if you write it will be there for decades and centuries. I want to pay my tribute to His Holiness as a champion of peace and compassion. His Holiness was born on July 6, 1935 to a Holy Father Choekyong Tsering and pious mother Diki Tsering at a place called Amdo in Tibet. After having recognized as the true incarnation of previous Dalai Lama, he was taken to Lhasa for education. Even as a child, he showed compassion, love, care and kindness to people. At the age of 16, the Chinese started invading Tibet and had to leave his motherland Tibet and came into exile in 1959. His effort and hard work make Tibetans lives in exile easy and comfortable. To provide education to the Tibetan children, he got started schools in exile because he thinks of saving Tibet’s language and culture and tradition. The early Tibetan arrivals faced numerous problems such as change in temperature, economically they had nothing. His Holiness has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 as his campaign of non-violence, peace and harmony among different communities. Now he is regarded as an international leader all over the world. We Tibetans feel so fortunate to be Tibetans under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who has spent his entire life for the sake of peace and promotion of non-violence. We will never forget you and always keep you in our hearts until our hearts stop beating. You contributed your life toward us and we all will contribute each of our individual life for you because you made this difference in our world. I dedicate this little words;
Above all the leaders in the world
The most precious of all the treasure,
The light which guided us up here,
To you, we bow with respect and pleasure,
You are Gyalwa Rinpoche.
You are father of kindness,
You are king of peace,
You are the true meaning of compassion,
The symbol of snowland
You are Yeshi Norbu,
You are flower that smells pleasant
To anyone who erushes it you are Tenzin Gyatso
You are so much more
Than you can see,
You are so much more
Than you think you are
You are so much more
Than you have heard of yourself
You are His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
His Holiness has reached 79 years of age and still residing in exile. No matter how dark is the tunnel, there is light at the end. This is what we learnt from him that hope for the best and prepare from the worst. He is the only hope for us. So it is certain that Tibet will be free soon. Long live His Holiness and May he come back to where he belongs. THANK YOU GYALWA RINPOCHE for everything you did for us!!!

Tenzin Topden IX D