A Talk By Professor Samdong Rinpoche

Rev. Samdong Rinpoche has been requested by the ‘Private Office’ to go to three plus two TCV schools to clarify the confusion and doubts of students that emerged during the talk given by Sikyong and Chair person of ATPD . Many students posted questions to the Sikyong and the Chairperson of ‘Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies’ regarding Dolgyal propitiators. It seems that many students didn’t get answers to their questions asked during the June teaching from Sikyong and the Chairman of ATPD. Rinpoche has given us to understand that none of the Dolgyal propitiators have faced discrimination from the Central Tibetan Administration and general Tibetans; rather the CTA has given equal status to all Tibetans. The CTA has neither denied them their religious freedom nor obstructed their rights to live in India and travel abroad. Despite this well known fact, groups associated with Dolgyal propitiation persist with baseless allegations that Tibetans who are Dolgyal followers are discriminated against in their access to education, health care and other social services. Rinpoche talks about non-cooperation and social boycott are individual matters and they are not sponsored by the Central Tibetan Administration. Every individual has the right to use non-cooperation and social boycott against Dolgyal groups. These two instruments were effectively used by the great Indian leader – Mahatma Gandhi against the British Raj during the colonial period. The use of individual non-cooperation and social boycott against Dolgyal groups is an individual matter and no one can stop it from using these tools. Furthermore, Rinpoche said that Dolgyal groups and their agents pose serious threat to the security of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and unity of the Tibetan people at large. Many of our students expressed their satisfaction on the explanation and answers provided to their questions from Rinpoche.