His Holiness’s Visit to TCV School Gopalpur

Much awaited anticipation and long cherished dreams of students and staff members of Tibetan Children’s Village School Gopalpur has come into realization when the spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama graciously blessed the school through his visitation on April 29, 2014. Students in uniform and staff members in their best traditional attire gave a warm reception to the His Holiness. School cultural troupe presented Welcome Song and Tashi Shoepa as soon as the motorcade of His Holiness entered the school gate. Junior section students were lined up along the main road with incense, scarf and flowers in their hands to welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama while senior section students have been sitting and waiting in the school auditorium with much enthusiasm and excitement. The Tibet Country Project work was on display en route to the school hall.  14 classes were involved in the making of TOCP with the help from class and Tibetan teachers. His Holiness enthusiastically watched the project work done by students. Rev. Lobsang Khedup, the religious instructor of the school arranged dialectic presentation by students of three different classes. Students of VIII D  made presentation of dialectic on ༼སུམ་ཅུ་པ་ནས་ལ་དོན་གྱི་རྣམ་དབྱེ།༽ IX graders on ༼འཕགས་པའི་བདེན་པ་བཞི།༽ and X graders on ༼ཚན་རིག་གི་ནང་ནས་བྱེ་བྲག་རྡུལ་ཕྲན།༽ Thereafter, His Holiness spoke on the 20th century as one of murderous centuries with the outbreak of WW II which claimed around 200 million lives according to some historians. Furthermore, His Holiness said that children of today belong to the 21st century and this century should be a century of dialogue to resolve any kind of issues pertaining to human kind. He urged the students to be good human beings and think on becoming a contributing member toward world peace at large. Later on His Holiness blessed the students and staff members with the mantra of ༼རྗེ་བཙུན་འཇམ་དཔལ་དབྱངས་ཀྱི་གཟུངས་སྔགས་ལུང༽ Before the departure from the school, His Holiness also consecrated the Jangchup Stupa and was warmly seen off by the students, staff members and public with scarf, incense and flowers in their hands. The visit of His Holiness to our school is a golden chapter being added to the annals of TCV Gopalpur.