Tibetan National Uprising Day

On the 55th anniversary of Tibetan 10th March, the four sections of class XII students accompanied by the class teachers went to Tsuklha-khang to attend the official function organized by four major Tibetan NGOs. The school arranged four buses for ongoing journey to Dharamsala and students had to bear the expenses of the return journey by themselves. Our students not just attended the official function, but had also taken active participation in the programs initiated by non-governmental organizations. Despite rainy and windy weather on 10th March, our students braved the situation and joined the peace procession from the Mcleod Ganj to Kacheri where representative of various Tibetan NGOs addressed the gathering. The protest march was jointly organized by four major Tibetan NGOs, Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, Gu-Chu-Sum Movement and Students for a Free Tibet. March 10 commemorates the uprising of 1959 and over the years the situation in Tibet has worsened under the Chinese rule and this 55th March 10 aims to intensify the efforts to urge world governments to build pressure on China to end the severe repression in Tibet. Our students’ spirits were running high and shouted out their slogans for the genuine cause of Tibet and Tibetans. It was the day for every Tibetan to rise against the Chinese brutal policies being implemented on Tibetans inside Tibet and pay respect to the Tibetan martyrs who made supreme sacrifices.