Sunday 9 March 2014

School Opening Ceremony

The new academic session of the school started with an official opening ceremony on March 9, 2014, Sunday. Gyen Phuntsok Namgyal, Data Officer from the TCV Head Office, had graciously accepted to be the guest of honor on the opening ceremony. Genla, one of the founding fathers of TCV Gopalpur informed the students and staff members the difficulties they had to encounter in the early phase of inception of the school. He further said that he was impressed and happy to see the development and progress of the school particularly in the field of scholastic education. TCV Gopalpur has earned a good reputation and honor in the exile community through academic excellence and achievements. Contemporary students and staff members are hereby requested to keep continuing with the same spirit and enthusiasm to retain the honor ship and reputation of the school. The Oath swearing ceremony for the newly elected Captains and Prefects for the year 2014 was done by the school Director. Students came back from winter vacation with fresh look full of enthusiasm and commitment to their academic pursuits. Students who achieved target percentage and toppers in Mathematics, Science and English were honored and awarded by the chief guest.