On 11th Oct. 2019, TCV Gopalpur held its Annual Science and Maths Quiz at our school hall-“Sherab Woenang”. Mr. Tsering Topgyal (TGT Science) was the chairperson of the Quiz.
The Quiz was divided into four rounds and participants were divided into six groups as decided. Each group was having four participants. Thus, there were 24 participants.
The Invention and Discovery round was conducted by Mrs. Payal Dhar.
The Jackpot round was conducted by Mrs. Sarita Patyal.
The Visual round was conducted by Miss Tsering Dickyi.
And finally, the Specialized round was conducted by Mrs. Tenzin Dolma.
All the groups participated actively but at the end “What's up” group won the 2019 Science and Maths Quiz. The runner up group was the “Google” group.
The prize was distributed by our School Principal Mr. Phuntsok Tashi. Along with the winners and participants of the quiz, the prize was also distributed to the best project holders and wall Quiz winner.
The Quiz program was very informative and knowledge enriching for the participants as well as for the audience who were seated on the floor and the stage was wonderfully decorated by Class IX B students.