AISSCE-CBSE Class 12 Geography, Survey

AISSCE-CBSE Class 12 Geography (029) land use field survey to Gujrehra Village, Distt Kangra on 18th October 2019
This year’s grade XII Geography local level land use field survey was conducted in Gujrehra village on the 18th of October, 2019. Geographically, it’s located in the north-west roughly (32° 8'8.43"N and 76°26'42.54"E) 2.5 km away from our school. Prior to the initial survey, the instructor has formed 14 groups comprising 6 members in each with the concerned group leaders. The leaders were assigned the duties of taking their members to the chosen field area with respect to the AISSCE-CBSE Geography (029) survey questionnaire guidelines.
After conducting the survey, the collected data are compiled, tabulated and statistically processed to turn them into useful information. By studying and analyzing the survey information, we succeeded in understanding the general land-use patterns, sources of income, types of livestock and other activities that have been taking place in Gujrehra village.