Workshop on Umay-lam

A workshop on Umay-lam was being held here in our school from March 13to March 18, 2016 for our students of class XII and X. Basically the workshop was meant to bring awareness on Umay-lam (Middle Way Approach) the policy being adopted and followed by the Central Tibetan Administration – Dharamsala. The total number of participants in the workshop is forty.  The Department of Information and International Relation (DIIR) of the Central Tibetan Administration – Dharamsala, has conducted Middle Way Approach awareness program being sponsored by Norwaegian Church Aid Funding Assistance.

The proposed program aims to significantly improve the effectiveness of advocacy and communication strategies to increase public awareness and support for the Middle Way Approach as the most viable, long lasting and feasible solution to address the urgency of the situation inside Tibet. This policy seeks to bring a final resolution to the deteriorating situation in terms of basic human, political, socio-economic and cultural rights of Tibetans inside Tibet. This approach attempts to bring the Tibetans and Chinese to a common platform that promotes dialogue and peaceful methods of conflict resolution and if the Middle Way Approach succeeds it will help contribute to the world peace as well. The workshop facilators are Miss. Tenzin Jamchen, Miss. Kalden Tsomo and Miss. Tenzin Tashi and the staff members and students of TCV School Gopalpur extend our sincere thanks to the DIIR for the workshop.