Monday 25 April 2016

class XI Reporting

Class XI Reporting
Students joining for + one Arts have reported TCV School Gopalpur on April 11, 2016 as per instructions given to them in advance. They were asked to join lately due to accommodation problem as the outgoing class XII students are still yet to leave the school. Furthermore, school has to organize the graduation day and farewell dinner party to the outgoing XII students. Till date there were 164 students who joined in class XI from Upper TCV, TCV Chauntra, Lower TCV and TCV Bylakuppe. Some students came from SOS Pokhara, Nepal, CST and Petoen schools.  A welcome tea party was organized on the evening of April 14 with members from Advisory Committee and Management Committee. A brief introduction of members of two committees along with school captains and prefects was done by the school Principal. On 16 April the newly joined class XI students were apprised of school discipline by the members of Advisory committee, so that they know the rules and regulations of the school in advance and there is no breach of school discipline by them knowingly or unknowingly and at the same time school authorities expect good discipline from them in the coming months. The members wished them for achieving excellence in their academic performance as well.