Monday 25 April 2016

Englsih Quiz 2016

The first literary contest (English Quiz) was held on April 15, 2016 as per schedule. There were 19 participants in all from classes VII through XII. The topics for the quiz were announced a week before the actual contest was held. The quiz was held on the following topics: 1) Grammar 2) Books and Authors 3) Audiovisual round 4) Rapid Fire round among the following teams; team One Direction, team Little Mix, team Pink Floyd, team Vamps, team Green Day and team Fifth Harmony.
For each topic, there were different quiz masters. Grammar round was taken up by Miss. Yangchen, Books and Authors round by Mrs. Yangkyi, Audiovisual round by Mr. Jigdel and the Rapid Fire round by Mrs. Pasang Tsamchoe. Students on the floor showed interest in the English quiz especially in the rapid fire round. This kind of literary activity evokes learning spirit amongst the students and many students got informed and exposed to different arena of competition even when they were not directly involved in the quiz contest.  The winners were awarded prizes by the school principal.