Orientation Day Two (1st March 2015)

The orientation day two for the staff members was held at the same venue (Green Hostel). The guest of honor for the day was Geshe Lhakdor, the Director of Tibetan Library and Archives, CTA Dharamshala.  Some of the important pointers from the chief guest speech are driven here for implementation and execution in our day to day work. Geshe said that everything depends on your thinking and asked us to develop the skills of doing analysis and critical thinking. He was gladdened to learn that focal point for the academic year 2016 is on imparting value education which is need of the hour in the contemporary world to our upcoming generation. Furthermore, His Holiness has been asking time and again regarding the teaching of compassion and love in our schools. Geshe lak cited examples of speeches of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton about the importance of mutual respect and breaking down of barriers. They might have been influenced by His Holiness if he isn’t wrong.

Lastly he said a few lines on the corporal punishment against students. Now a day it is considered illegal to resort to corporal punishment and also goes against the child’s rights. Try to find ways and other alternatives in dealing with students’ behavioral problems. Everyone is further urged to spend 5 – 10 minutes in the morning either to pray or read a few lines from His Holiness books or listen to speeches of His Holiness and make up your mind that you will use the day judiciously and in a fruitful manner for the well-being of my students and co-workers. With that he wished us good luck and successful academic years ahead.
Second session of day two orientation program was taken by the school Principal in making clarification on school discipline. He was of the view and had also seen variation in the execution of school discipline. He gave minute details of school discipline and every staff is held responsible toward maintaining good school discipline. The Principal also clarified on UFM used and its consequences.
Afternoon session there were meetings of health committee, advisory committee, class VI & VII teachers, and the remaining staffs have had discussion on life skill programs in their respective departments.