Cleebrating World TB Day

Just one disease is responsible for the deaths of 1.4 million people every year. The World Health Organization estimates that every year TB newly infects 8.6 million people and claims 1.3 million lives globally. TB disproportionately affects the poor as things like crowded living conditions, poor ventilation and under nutrition all make an individual more likely to develop TB.
The World TB Day was marked in TCV School Gopalpur under the initiation of Department of Health and Delek Hospital, CTA on March 24. This year’s TB day theme “UNITE TO END TB” as designated by WHO, emphasizes the need for global effort to reach TB infected people who currently don’t have access to TB treatment and care. TB day events organized by Department of Health and Delek Hospital through its various health centers aimed  mobilize and encourage the TB patients to come forward to avail the subsidized and free TB services provided by the Department of Health and Delek Hospital, CTA. Unlike two of the world’s other top infectious diseases killers – malaria and HIV/AIDS – TB is often overlooked and everyone fails to respond to TB with a sense of urgency.
Dr. Tsundue from Delek Hospital speaking on this occasion explained the various TB related preventive and treatment incentives provided to the Tibetans by the TB Control Program of the Department of Health, CTA through its network health centres and hospital. He also stressed the need for greater awareness about the disease especially among the Tibetan younger kids aged group 15-18 studying in various schools and colleges along with members of the monastic community. He congratulated TCV School Gopalpur for having the least number of TB patients among the Tibetan Schools in exile as per statistics and survey and further urged to make an attempt to make to zero patients.
This is unacceptable, particularly when this suffering is associated with a disease that is both treatable and curable.
The school principal thanked the Department of Health and Delek Hospital for organizing such program. He further extended thanks to the doctors from the Delek Hospital who made it to TCV School Gopalpur and brought awareness on TB to our students and staff members.