Kagyur Reading

Two day Kagyur (more than 100 Buddhist sutras or text – containing lord Buddha’s original teaching) reading was organized by the Cultural Committee of the school on May 24-25, 2013. Kagyur Reading is one of the important aspects of the Tibetan Children’s Village School – Gopalpur. This is done every year during the holy month of the Tibetan calendar. Students from class VII through XII and staff members got assembled in the school hall on the appointed day for reading. The very idea behind this is to retain our cultural heritage and for the well being of all sentient beings. On the evening of May 25, a special Solstog was arranged by the culture committee to offer special prayer. This is time of the year that Tibetans across the world make offerings and hold special prayers and refrain from killings and eating meat to have positive impact on their lives for the next life.