Celebration of English Week

The English week was observed in the school with a view of bringing improvement of English in writing and speech and of course in listening from May 27-31, 2013 by the Department of English. On Monday, the program got kicked off by a speech from XII D student Master Chonjor and a English song presentation by Miss. Tenzin Sangmo. During the week long English program, all other normal programs of morning assembly come to stand still. On Tuesday, there was presentation of speech by Master Norbu Lhagyal, poetry recitation by Miss. Rither Tsering, Master Tenzin Passang and song by Master Pempa Tsering. The poetry recitation and song were dedicated to Mr. Lhasang Tsering la, who is one of the Tibetan political activists in exile community. Miss. Yangchen of XII A gave a brief account of his life history.

On Wednesday, students from VI D and X D presented a wonderful English songs followed by poetry recitation On Friday morning assembly, Miss. Tsering Bhuti and Miss. Ngawang Bhuti recited poems, Master Lobsang Dawa and Samten dedicated their songs to their social teacher Gyen. Tamdin la, and the English Department. The anchor also made announcement of English wall quiz and students are urged to take note of it and winners will be honored after the submission of answers after the summer break. With this the English week came to an end.