Thursday 27 April 2023



TCV Gopalpur observed April as English Month with pomp and show like the last year. The month started in full swing where students from different classes engaged in different activities and competitions showcasing their talents in Speaking, Writing, Spellings etc. This year, students from different classes conducted the Monday Morning Assembly focusing on the specific topic. The first and second week assembly were conducted by students of Class XII A, B,C and D who delivered some motivational Speech, presented short video clip of school which compiles the interview of school staff and students sharing their experiences so far, TEDXGOPUR and RED-Carpet respectively. The third week was made more interesting with the presentation from Students of Class VII and X who engaged in Buddhist Dialectics through the medium of English and a Quiz show. For the final week of April, Class VIII and IX shared news on currents issues, Thought of the day and Speech Delivery.

21st April 2023: (Spelling Bee Competition)
The month of April is incomplete without the spelling bee Competition. This year, Spelling Bee Competition was held on 21st April 2023 at TCV Gopalpur aimed at giving students a platform to learn different spellings with their pronunciations and consequently, enrich their vocabulary.
The competition was organised for classes VII to XII where only 15 students of different classes made it to the final Spelling Bee Competition. The competition was presided over by our school Senior Headmaster, Mr. Dawa Gyatso la and conducted by Miss Jigmey Wangmo of XII A where the students above class VII and staff of senior section attended the function to cheer the top 15 spellers of 2023.
The spelling Bee Competition 2023 was based on knock-out round where whoever misspells the word were eliminated. The whole competition was judged by the members of English Department. This competition was a wonderful learning source not only for the participants but also for their peers.
And This year Master Lobsang Zoipa of Class IX B bagged the third position whereas Miss Tenzin Dickey of Class XII A was the first runner-up. Finally, the one and only super speller of the 2023 spelling bee competition was Miss Tenzin Sangmo of VIII D. The competition ended on a good note where the senior headmaster distributed the prize to the top three spellers.