Meeting with T.C.V. Education Director- Mr Sonam Sichoe.

All the Senior section teachers have thronged to the Tibetan Language laboratory for attending an important meeting chaired by the T.C.V schools' Education Director on Tuesday dated the 29th of August 2017. The meeting venue was looking more spacious with a parliamentary house seating arrangements. Everybody sat comfortably at the tables covered with dark green cloths in listening to the director's speech which would surely strengthen us in working for the young souls we  meet every day; who are undoubtedly the future seeds of Tibet.

Needless to say, the speaker has awakened all the staff members with numerous life enhancing lessons, professional growth and development strategies and other valuable advice to become social catalysts based on his past teaching experiences. And being in a management committee at present and having enormous responsibilities, he made ardent requests and paved us the way to work collectively with strong commitment and dedication in achieving the set goals and thereby reaching the greatest height. 
Some of the areas he has emphasized are:

 1. To enlighten ourselves in the prime motive of the esteemed institute ( T.C.V) we have been      rendering services in. We were encouraged and felt the privilege to be under his tutelage. “I firmly believe in all the employees that you are all well aware of T.C.V 's guiding principles, aims and objectives right from the day you were recruited irrespective of the job nature". He said smugly.
2. He advised us to be committed and dedicated to our duties. A series of questions were asked in making us realized about the way we carry out our daily activities particularly in the field of teaching learning effectiveness and bolstering children's behavior to make them better human beings in the long run.
3. He laid emphasis on equipping ourselves with the listening skills. Listening to children's problems empathetically would deepen our understanding and gain more knowledge from novices as long as we are receptive. He stated confidently.
 4. In promotion of sound teaching and learning environment and gaining productive outcome, he encouraged us to respect child's rights and build a positive attitude towards the powerful combinations of confidence, self reflection, professional responsibilities and team work.
5. Finally, he motivated us to work with enormous dedication rather than giving incessant complains about the heavy workloads and meager salaries by making comparison with other employees.
6. Not to be little, he triggered us to eye on giving recognitions to the outstanding students and providing supports to the needy students after their schooling.

On completion of enlightening us with these motivational words, he sank into a chair for sipping a cup of tea before moving on to the question answer session. Some of our colleagues had the privilege to ask questions and share their thoughts despite time constraint. Soon, the Education director headed towards our school auditorium for giving talk to the senior students (class IX to XII) scheduled to begin at 7 P.M. He was escorted by the school authorities...