Getting emotional when it rains may seem weird but it really does. I am looking out of the window and I am able to hear the sounds of raindrops touch the old tin roof.
As I sat there like a frozen statue, a cool breeze started to blow and it touched my bare skin giving a chill. Just like turning the pages of a book, it took me back to the time  when I’m with my guardian angel.
Days had passed and years have gone that she had left me. But the sweet memory we shared always created a smile on my gloomy face. Since the day she left, evenin this over populated world I feel so alone.
We use to have pretty fights, we didn’t had any earth shattering things to discuss and sometimes, it seems like we are speaking two different languages but still I’m so glad  that we are friends.she is the one out of million and I’m never going to give on her even if the world refuses.
She lets me know that making millions of  friend is not miracle but the miracle is to make a friend who will  stand by you even when the millions are against you. Being her friend is like peeing my pants cause everyone can see it but only I can feel it’s warmth.
Thinking of these things again filled  my eyes with tears instead of wiping it, I just let it fall like the rain  that made me emotional.
So, I just shield my sweater tighter on my body and with a long sigh, I move away.
P.S: how far we may be, still we are sharing the same moon .

Lekyi wangmo (XII b)