Nyennag recitation

Students for language preservation organized Nyennag recitation on Monday 17 June, 2013. The program was graced by the guest of honor Rev. Kirti Rinpoche from Kirti monastery Dharamsala.. 15 students have taken part in the Nyennag recitation and competition. Three judges were invited to witness the competition and they were Mr. Sherap from political prisoner association, Mr. Sonam D Bhuchung, a freelance writer and poet and Miss. Sangmo, a contemporary Tibetan writer Dharamsala.

His Holiness Kirti Rinpoche after the program gave a speech on contemporary grave situation prevailing in Tibet. His reverence urged students to work harder as we are living in free country where you are provided with every basic and general facility required for a student. He further said, everyone should strive for achieving excellence in their work. Tibetans in Tibet are watching and awaiting us to free country Tibet from the bondage of the Red Communist China. In recent times we have been witnessing a number of self immolation being done by individual Tibetans to express their anger and desperation against the Chinese rule and to get justice, restore freedom of expression and fundamental human right, practice one’s own religion, etc. As Tibetan students are viewed as the future seeds of Tibet by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we have huge responsibility to shoulder and try to come and go at par with modern world.