Class XII College Exposure Trip to Chitkara University

Our school have successfully conducted the Class XII College Exposure Trip to Chitkara University for 2 days from 31st July to 1st August, 2019.    

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards DOE for providing financial assistance towards Tibetan Schools. Without the supports from DOE, PRM, USAID and Chitkara University’s faculties, this tour wouldn’t be successful. Especially, we want to deeply thank Chitkara University for arranging all the accommodations and for their excellent services provided to our students and staff. We thank each and every one who has extended their kind supports in order to have a successful Educational Trip.

This tour was very fruitful and beneficial for the students. They are now well aware with the Chitkara University’s life and the courses they offer or anything related with it. So, overall we are very sure that the students had learned and experienced a lot of things from this Tour.